International Independent is a collective industrial consortium composed of various organisations in the fields of Arts, Cultural, Creative and Entertaiment Industries (ACCEI), productions. It also focuses on research, data gathering, creative economy, culture management, marketing, and promotion. Its primary focus is on the Independent Cultural and Creative Ecologies and Markets, aiming to enhance productivity and production lines related to these areas.

International Independent is a non-partisan group of organizations that is not involved in sponsoring or supporting any political activities, political parties, religions, or religious initiatives. The collective behavior of International Independent is shaped by the multicultural memories, needs, and expectations of people. The consortium is not affiliated with any particular movement.

The Founder and Chairman of International Independent is Panayiotis Neufelt Independent arts, cultural, creative and entertainment industrialist, ceaselessly supporting the nascent creativity and experience economy ecologies. The idea of the consortium gradually developed over time and took its current structure. It has been operating since 1998 and has grown into a unique multi-NPO and NGO with a promising and distinctive presence among influential cultural and creative industries organisations worldwide.

Democracy, does not always leads to Democracy.

The International Independent actively promotes the Culturalisation of Democracy and the Democratisation of Culture by recognizing the significance of cultures and people’s needs in shaping the future of our civilizations. This is achieved through the continuous support of incentives that drive the mentioned objectives, as well as through various processes, developments, and productions.


The International Independent has full (f) or affiliated (a) members individuals or organisations, and partners (p). These are the following:

International Independent Arts Council (f)


International Independent Cultural Council (f)


International Independent Creative Industries Council (f)


International Independent Entertainment Council (f)


Affiliated Members

Civilizations Council (p)


International Cultural and Creative Industries Regularoty Authority (a)


International Entertainment Council (a)


Artality Ltd. (a)


Artathlon (a)


Airathlon (a)


Ciel Airlines S.A. (a)


Affiliated Events

International Cultural and Creative Economy and Development, in Athens (p)



  • We aim to provide support to both our members and non-members, as well as their cultural and creative initiatives and productions. Additionally, we offer assistance to those connected or affiliated with their organizations on an international scale.
  • It is our priority to adhere to the local, national (based on specific countries and their respective regulations), and international regulatory frameworks.
  • We strive to work in alignment with the needs of the artistic, cultural, and creative sectors across various cultural domains.
  • Our objective is to enhance the quality of outcomes and productivity within cultural and creative ecosystems.
  • We seek to nurture ideas and explore their creative dynamics through reimagining norms and forms. This involves fostering innovation and experimentation, while supporting new productions and promoting emerging intellectual rights.
  • We are dedicated to addressing issues such as deculturalization, dehumanization, social disengagement, and moral decay, which all erode individuality in ourselves and others.
  • Our aim is to promote social coherence through cultural and creative works, fostering exchanges, understanding, acceptance, and inclusion.