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If you wish to support us, there are many ways to do so! Please, choose from the following options. We need all the support we can get and we make something meaningful out of it. We never waste our resources.

If you wish to support us, there are many ways to do so! Please, choose from the following options. We need all the support you can give us. We never waste our resources. Donate!

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The International Independent (II) is an independent, grass-roots, not for profit and non-governmental body. As such, the International Independent cannot rely on any either corporate or governmental funds. Therefore, your support will be giving us the opportunity to offer and create the appropriate environment and to facilitate you to perambulate towards creativity and social engagement, benefiting you as well. Your support is much appreciated. Please, donate here!

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Become an independent International Sponsor and get promoted accordingly, please choose from the following five options by clicking the button below:


You appear on 12 websites (own and affiliated), and their equally owned social media accounts such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo, Youtube, as well as you, your company or organisations will be presented in a variety of ways on one International Conference with the offer of a panel seat to introduce your company or organisation as e Keynote Speaker or through a seminar or please suggest activity. Your logo, digital presence, video, photos, announcements and press releases, will rotate in more than 108 sites, in one go. Please be aware that as the International independent grows and expands the opportunities and the promotional area will expand and increase equally. Sponsor now, Sponsor here!

Become our sponsor, you have a thousand additional reasons to do so!

Become a Volunteer

Volunteering means decision making, social engagement and inclusion. You can contribute your time, skills, communication and knowledge, through volunteering with the International Independent. The opportunity is not only yours,  it is ours, as well. Our achievements are yours, when you team up with International Independent. Our moto is: “Towards A Better Civilisation!” Become a part of this nascent cultural and creative community! Register now, here!

Become a Member

The International Independent has full (f) or affiliated (a) members individuals or organisations. If you are an artist, an administrator, a creator, a facilitator, a producer, an enthusiast, a benefactor, a sponsor, a cultural or creative organisation, an independent creative entity, if you are a corporation or a public entity, an angel, a student, a speaker, a motivator, a technology enthusiast, a social media perambulator or specialist, a creative breeder, a party crasher, a person from any background, with the burning desire to do something meaningful on his/her life, if you want to network, become an advocate, create some impact, achieving as a member of the International Independent the social difference you yearn for, then, Become Our Member. It could not be easier to become a member (which may include some volunteering, only if you wish, and a fee). All you need to do is: follow the instructions and register here!

Become an Associate

If you αre interested in Cultural and Creative sectors, or working already in the industry as an apprentice, artist, director, producer, administrator, curator, coordinator, manager, marketer or CEO in any relevant sector, or a representative of a small and medium cultural not for profit or other organisation, this is the most suitable grade for you. An associate membership is also suitable for those based outside the EU and want to work in favour of a network, as well as benefit from it. Becoming an associate member at any level is the best way to get evaluated for your work and even recommend yourself, if you are not selected at a point, in order to become even a board member. Please, register here!

Become a Board Member

The International Independent as it expands, reforms its associated members, as well. This is a very new process for the organisation, due to various reasons, such its structure, policy and strategy (internal environment) and franchise (external environment).

If you are a cultural and creative industry professional, with credentials (or proven impeccable drive), if you are motivated, if you are or wish to become a policy maker and strategy executive, if a board role suits you and interests you greatly, if you are an unemployed board member, if you are literate and have clear views on directors’ duties and responsibilities, then, you might be the person we wish to have with us.

The International Independent and the associated councils are seeking board members that will represent the organisations, within this nascent cultural and creative industry and environment. In addition to the above and in more detail, we are seeking individuals that have professional experience with legal, fundraising, marketing and finance matters. We welcome all backgrounds and disciplines and strive to have board members that reflect the diverse creative communities we serve and support. Please, apply as opportunities could be offered soon.

Become a Franchisee

The International Independent is an innovative organisation (please, visit the link), fresh and independent, operating in the cultural and creative sectors and markets.

The International Independent offers franchise opportunities, per country or per state, to individuals, consortium and enterprises.

The International Independent offers franchise contracts for either all associated organisations or only for the International independent itself.

The organisations, which offer franchise opportunities, are the following:

  1. You could choose to franchise a single organisation
  2. The International Independent, which offers a combination of four organisations.


  • You could choose to franchise each organisation separately
  • International Independent Cultural Council 
  • International Independent Arts Council
  • International Independent Creative Industries Council
  • International Independent Entertainment Council 

The recorded value of the international main stream cultural and creative markets (in sales) is more than 2.5 trillion dollars annual sales.

If you wish to become a part of it and represent your state or country through the International Independent proposal and if you can answer the following questions, then feel free to send us an email or fill the form and we will get in touch with you a.s.a.p.

Please note there is an administrative fee in the region of £ 2.000 which needs to be paid in advance before we proceed with the validation of your application form as a candidate franchisee. The administrative fee will enable us to allocate our specialist in order to validate your proposal and communicate further with you, regarding details of your proposal, further adjustments and other costs. If your application is successful the application fees will be deducted from the cost of the franchise contract. If your application is not successful then the initial administrative fee paid is not refundable.

Questions to be answered by future franchisee:

What are your goals regarding a a future collaboration, if your application is successful?

Do you have experience in franchising?

Are you an artist, director, producer, work in the cultural and creative industries already? In which field?

Why this business/industry/sector?

Are you passionate about the creative industries and why?

Are you suited for creative industries and why?

Do you have experience in this industry?

How hard/long are you willing to work?

How does your spouse or partner feel about this?

How do you expect to build a customer base?

How will you initially finance this?

Do you expect to make money in your first year?

Do you have experience in this industry, with management and leadership?

Why are you choosing us?

Why do you consider us a good fit?

When do you consider starting?

What territories or areas are you looking at? You can choose only one state or country.

What is your exit strategy?

Do you have available funds from day first?

Do you have associates, ready to collaborate with you?

Are you ready to recommend a six more members -board of directors ( analogy for each state or country)?

Are you good at marketing and public relations?

Are you acquainted to public entities of your state or country (ministries, other councils or local governments)?

Can you perform cultural diplomacy or recommend one who could?

Can you show us your marketing and promotional plan, as well as PR approach?

Please send us your answers via email to:

admin (@) internationalindependent (dot) org

or just fill the form by clicking the registry button (which is apparently the same thing)!