The International Independent is a consortium of councils orientated towards the Arts, Cultural and Creative Industries, including certain areas such as the educational sectors, conferences, entertainment and recreation, sports sectors, tourism, exhibition, games, industrial, interior, landscape, products, textiles, related breeder and fostering creativity sectors, mobility and migration organisations, events and movements also related to cultural exchanges, health and welfare, psychology and body therapy, technology areas, cultural diplomacy, economy (also connected fiscal policy and private developments and markets) as well as finance sectors.  The Founder and Chairman of the International Independent is Panayiotis Neufelt. The idea of the International Independent consortium, gradually and dynamically developed into its present structure, and operates since 1998. Equably and cautiously developed into a unique multi NPO and NGO, with a much promising distinctive and idiosyncratic presence, amongst the influential cultural and creative industries organisations internationally.

The International Independent and its consortium bodies, are arts, literature, cultural, creative industries and entertainment organisations focusing on research and data gathering, economy, management, marketing and promotion, specifically linked to the Independent Artists, Ecologies and Markets and on related productivities and production lines. The International Independent and its consortium bodies do not sponsor nor support any type of political activities, political parties, religions and religious initiatives. The Consortium is not linked to movements (with the exception of non political artistic, entertainment, cultural and creative movements, internally and on a case by case basis validated).


The International Independent has full (f) or affiliated (a) members individuals or organisations. These are the following:

International Independent Arts Council (f)


International Independent Cultural Council (f)


International Independent Creative Industries Council (f)


International Independent Entertainment Council (f)



Arts Council Greece (a)


International Cultural and Creative Economy and Development, Athens (a)


Artality Ltd. (a)



To support its members and non members, and their cultural and creative initiatives and productions, as well as to offer assistance to the connected or affiliated to them organisations, internationally.

To comply with the local, national (each country separately) and the international regulatory framework. 

To work in accordance to the needs the artistic, cultural and creative base, on every known cultural and creative sector.

To ensure the betterment of the qualities of the results and productivities of the cultural and creative ecologies. 

To foster ideas and elaborate their creative dynamics, through the reconceptualisation of the norms and the forms provided, through innovation and experimentation, and by supporting fresh productions and encouraging new coming intellectual rights in order to be promoted.

To tackle deculturalisation, dehumanisation, social and moral disengagement, all of which undermines individuality of and in others.

To support social coherence through cultural and creative works, exchanges, understanding, acceptance and inclusion.

To work in favour of the Culturalisation of Democracy and the Democratisation of Culture, through the creation and the funding of incentives, which lead to the above mentioned purposes, processes, developments and productions.