Members Benefits

Individuals and Organisations

  1. For Individual Members Only: Becoming a member of the International Independent pool of candidates, occasional promotion of the organization.
  2. Networking and Directory Access: Connectivity through our wide range of social media and online communities, and access to our directory, events, initiatives, programmes.
  3. Collaboration with third bodies: Enhancing collaborative international projects and cultural developments.
  4. Mentoring Programs: Mentoring network developments of projects, or to request help or opinions on the activities carried out by established experts.
  5. Newsletter: Access to a regular International Independent bulletin, with all the relevant information about the artistic, creative and cultural industries worldwide.
  6. Project promotion: Achievements or needs may be promoted from our social networks.
  7. Priority access and registration with a 50% reduction in International Independent annual meetings, conferences and workshops/seminars.
  8. Opportunities: for involvement in International Independent internal procedures, committees and boards:
  9. Provision for middle management participation
  10. Right of volunteer or other placement of the registered members
  11. Right of volunteer or other placement of registered members on documentation groups, resources, research, promotion, international relations, internet, social support, strategic planning, etc.
  12. Lobbying (only organizations): Lobbying or consulting for individual artists for regulatory independent production issues regulations that affect the qualities of the arts, cultural and creative environment and well being.
  13. Tax Deduction (only organizations or individual donors): Where applicable- according to each county’s regulations) for their donations to the International Independent.

Important notes:

Amateur, groups and artists who do not have art as their first profession and cultural work are welcome to join as members of the International Independent.

All Members individuals or companies have the right to use one of the International Independent logos offered and placed in a prominent place on their website with the use of the header -With the Support of:- or –Member of- provision for logo exchange with the use of the header -Partner of-.

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